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Counselor Contact information

Jill Cruz, Grades 6-8 with the last name A-L:
Mary Hazle, Grades 6-8 with the last name M-Z: 


Who are the DVMS counselors?
         Jill Cruz: 6th-8th grade Last name A-L
         Mary Hazle: 6th -8th grade Last name M-Z
How can I check my student's grades?   
         School Loop can be accessed from DVMS homepage with your student's ID number.
How often will I get grades? 
         DVMS students get quarterly progress grades. You will also get a semester grade in January and June.
How can my 8th grader take advancement classes?
          Go to the 8th grade tab for more information.
My student is going to be out sick today.  What do I do? 
         Call DVMS attendance line at 925-855-3379 to let us know.
Anything else I can do if my student is absent? 
         You can e-mail your student's teachers through google or schoology (more info TBA)
When can I start the Soaring Eagle hours? 
         Students can start in the summer.
Can I take Wheel and Band in 6th grade? 
        No, because you will have only 1 elective period in 6th grade.
What do they teach in Wheel? 
         You will learn art, computers and study skill, but maybe not in that order.