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Executive Board & Chairpersons

2023-2024 Executive Board Members
Eugenia Chern
Executive Vice President*
Lauren Ghio
- Technology/Registration Coordinator
Eugenia Chern
- Newsletter Editor (Constant Contact)
Alysha Hartley
Anurag Gupta
Financial Secretary*
Gunjan Bhasin
Recording Secretary*
Kate Sims
Kristen Heiden
Teranessa Lewis
Nicole Bruebaker
Jeffrey Osborn
Teacher Representative
Lauren Dowd
Kim McKnight
Student Representative -
1st Vice President Membership*
Gina Sakamoto
- Exceptional Education (Special Needs) Rep
- Family Engagement Chair
- Library/Book Fair Volunteer Coordinator
Kate Sims
- Lunchtime Volunteers
- Hospitality/Staff Relations
Meghan Gates
2nd Vice President Ways & Means*
Joanna Ha
- Directory
Nicole Bruebaker
- Run for Education
Kelly Bassett
- Spirit Wear
Chris Howard
- Trek for Tech
Lydia Facteau
Terranessa Lewis
Health & Safety Chair
Inclusion & Diversity Chair
Flora Iqbal
Legislative Advocacy Chair
Programs & Student Services Chair
- 8th Grade Promotion Celebration
Meghan Gates
- Assemblies
- Math Counts
Sarah Li-Liu
- Reflections
Joanna Ha
- Sister School Ambassadors
Lisa Raymond
- Student of the Month Chair
Lydia Huang &
Janice Yosifon
bold = Executive Board, italics = Officer, * = Elected
Please contact the President if you are interested in any OPEN positions.


President: Oversees activities of the PTSA; Meets weekly with school Principal; Plans and directs PTSA meetings; Attends monthly District meetings; Attends monthly Foundation meetings as PTSA representative; Approves all Newsletters; the Executive Board reports directly to the President.
Executive VP: Works closely with the President; Joins the President in weekly meetings with the Principal; Able to take over for the President at meetings when President is not able to attend.
Treasurer: Works closely with the President in putting together a budget for the year; Keeps track of accounts receivables and payables; Pays invoices and reimbursements; Reconciles all accounts monthly and distributes reports.
Financial Secretary: Assists Treasurer in processing monies received by PTA by cash, check, credit card, or PayPal. Responsible for all deposits involving Registration, Math Counts, 8th Grade Party, Trek for Tech, and any other fundraiser or PTSA event. Registration also involves completing reconciliation from PayPal to Future Fund for money collected for PTSA Memberships, Directory and Yearbook sales.
Recording Secretary: Takes minutes at meetings; Does clerical work such as updating PTSA mailboxes; PTSA correspondence as needed; Works closely with the President to communicate with PTA Board regarding agendas.
1st VP, Membership: Provide regular membership reports to the Board; Make membership growth and retention a prioritized goal of the PTA; Collect and reconcile membership dues with financial officers; Distribute membership cards; 
2nd VP, Ways & Means: Oversees the fundraising committee events; Reports status to the Board.
Auditor: Performs semi-annual audits on all PTA bank accounts. The audit process involves following all financial transactions through the records to be sure receipts have been properly accounted for and expenditures made as authorized in the minutes and within budget limitations.
Historian: Assembles and preserves the record of activities and achievements of the PTSA and assists the president in preparing the Annual Unit Historian Report; Keeps track of volunteer hours.
Parliamentarian (appointed): Becomes familiar with PTA bylaws and attends meetings to help clarify questions regarding procedures; Coordinates the updating of position job descriptions each year (along with position binders); Oversees the formation and first meeting of the Nominating Committee, oversees PTA/Shark Fund/Site Council job fair in March.
Standing Committees
Legislative Advocacy Chair (appointed): Attends monthly district-wide Legislative meetings; Keeps PTSA and school informed of current legislative issues regarding education; Coordinates legislative activities as they arise.
Programs Chair (appointed): Works with the committee and other chairmen to plan and organize programs for the school year; Develops annual program calendar and presents it at PTA association meeting for adoption; Oversees and delegates volunteer recruitment for implementing and running programs
Health and Safety Chair (appointed): Ensure a comprehensive school health program that integrates activities and services designed to promote the optimal physical, emotional, social and educational development of children and youth; Identify and promote awareness of safety problems in the school community and, in collaboration with others, to help develop solutions.
Inclusion & Diversity Chair (appointed): Lead the PTSA in promoting inclusivity for all members and representing the needs of diverse backgrounds/experiences for all PTSA sponsored events, activities, and efforts.