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Attendance Procedures

ATTENDANCE: To report a student absent or tardy, please contact the DVMS Attendance Office at 925-855-3379THE ATTENDANCE LINE IS ON 24 HOURS.
STUDENT ABSENCE - In the event that a student is absent, a parent needs to call the Attendance Line (925-855-3379.) to report the absence. Leave the student’s name (spelling the last name), the date; the cause of absence; symptoms if “Ill”; and the name and phone number of the person reporting the absence.  A call must be made each morning if the absence is more than one day. Students are not to call in their own absences.
TARDY TO SCHOOL - Students who arrive after the start of the day are considered TARDY and must sign in at the Attendance Office before going to class. A parent phone call to the Attendance Line (925-855-3379) is required if a student is going to be late.  If the reason is due to an early morning Appointment, a note from the Service Provider is needed when the student arrives to school
LEAVING DURING THE DAY - If a student needs to be dismissed before the end of the school day, a note must be presented to the Attendance Office before school. The note must contain the student’s name, date, time of dismissal, and parent signature. A “Permission to Leave Grounds” slip will be given to the student for them to show to their teacher whose class they will be leaving from. The parent or guardian must sign the student out at the Attendance Office window, provide identification, and indicate the exact time of departure. If the student returns the same day, the student must sign back into the Attendance Office with a note from their Service Provider to receive a pass to return to class.